I’ve recently become more accepting of my bod. It’s a foreign feeling being confident about showing my flabby arms, back fat, and thunder thighs, but it is a great one.

With this self confidence/self love that I’ve recently acquired, I decided to try [yet again] online dating. Obviously, with no luck. What makes me discouraged the most are the “chubby chasers”. I┬ámay embrace my bod, and I’d like to find a guy who does too, but I am not a fetish. Let me just say that again;


Please do not start talking to me because you’d like to feed me. I’m an adult, I’ll feed myself.
My body is the size it is because of me, not for you.
Also, very important, not all fat women identify as BBWs or want to be referred to as such.

I just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch Adventure Time. Is that too much to ask for?

that someone doesn’t get, that wanted to get, but their state says they can’t without some sort of hoop jumping; I’m getting five.

Then I’m going to eat the fetus.

Then I’m going to take lots of drugs.

Then I’m going for a drive so I can run over old people and puppies.

Then I’m going to burn an American flag and put it out with my urine.

Then I’m going to vote green party.

Then I’m going to…